Already printing!

Well, that’s awesome. I have never seen a 3D printer live before – and now this bootstrapped contraption on my desk is fabricating three-dimensional objects from plastic.

Absolutely fascinating.

Time passed quickly last week, so i’ll try to give a brief summary of the final steps to a working RepStrap 3D printer.

When our RAMPS-board and microcontroller arrived last week, the electronics were completed. The PCBs came pre-assembled, so i just had to stick the Stepper drivers in place, add a little cooler on top of each and solder some female connectors onto the stepper cables and opto-endstops. I crimped the hotend heat resistor and thermistor onto their cable instead of soldering due to high temperatures near the heater block.


As a power source i pulled an old ATX computer power supply from the junk box. There is a great page in the RepRapWiki on how to wire those up.

That’s for the hardware. On my Controller i installed Sprinter, a powerful and extensivley tested RepRap firmware. As a computer-toolchain i am testing SFACT (Slicer) and Pronterface (RepRap host software). For now i am quite happy with those.

In further posts i’ll go into more detail on the first extrusion, my first spool of filament and tuning all the parameters for good print quality.

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